1. L’amour brille / Sous les étoiles


  2. I sat down with Kieran “LoLRaiden” Griffiths and his series “Rift Talk” for an interview about Caster Comix, how to get into art, my favourite caster to draw and many other things.

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  3. Before you even ask “Skyen, what have YOU been sniffing” you have to understand that I had no choice.


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  4. There’s a new Gambit Gamers available for you all - go check it out :)


  5. Well that went to shit suddenly.

    Life update blog - comics should be on schedule, but if they’re not, this is why.


    tl;dr: Lost my job - working on getting back on my feet ASAP so I can keep making stuff for you all. I’m open for commissions and job offers.

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  6. If you haven’t seen the exhibition match yet what the hell are you even doing?

    (For those keeping score, this doesn’t count as this week’s comic, I just wanted the idea out there)

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  7. A minor earthquake struck California almost immediately after CLG’s brilliant victory over Team Solomid. There are different theories why.

    OH AND BY THE WAY Caster Comix is one year old two weeks ago and I completely forgot about it. STALE CAKE FOR EVERYONE!

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  8. There’s a new Gambit Gamers comic available at Gambit Gaming.

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  9. Deficio doesn’t want to talk about Genja’s builds.

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  10. Reblog in case you missed it :)

    Hey guys. If you have a spare dollar lying around and want to help out me and Caster Comix, you can do so now via Patreon.

    Patreon is basically like a tiny Kickstarter - you can give me a spare buck or two each month, and in return I will offer up such rewards as I can think of. I will post sketches and small drawings on Patreon for my patrons’ eyes only, and I have various rewards including me drawing you a dinosaur every single month. Or a dragon, because dragons are cool. Or a full colour illustration of any character you want, every single month.


    You just now have the option to tip me a bit if you want to help me keep making them.

    Love you <3

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